being positive is being happy?

United States
March 26, 2008 12:19pm CST
yes of course not all your day are such a wonderful day! i learnes that being positive that will be start in your heart to your mind and to your extrinct figure of happiness! conditioning mind a set of things thats is positive would make you feel happy! life is short we have to enjoy it. it should be
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@Amagnimo (637)
• India
26 Mar 08
I wouldn't say being postive is being Happy. Just reason my point: - When you fall short of any thing today, that you wanted very badly - but still, you be positive that I will surely get it tomorrow. Tomorrow the same thing happens - you remain positive, yet you have a sad feeling that you weren't able to get that thing... it happens. Ofcourse, being positive about the day you would have today would give a beautiful feeling that would cheer you up. It readies the mind for the good things that are going to come on and readies the mind even to ignore the bad things. But it doesn't stay according to the natural human tendency(exceptions are there!) and we tend to forget ourselves being positive, and if something goes wrong, we tend to become a bit negative, or atleast, sad! SO, its not ALWAYS, that if you are positive, you are happy! Just take one more example - if something is going terribly wrong among your friends - but you TRY to stay positive in such an environment, you are bound to feel sad, and worried - but you still try to remain positive. It doesn't cheer you up - instead gives you better hopes - that's all. And yeah, hopes getting higher is not the same as cheering up - its like proportional to each other! lol
• United States
26 Mar 08
theres alot of things what we call happiness it could be anything. a simple smile that would probably people will intend to say that you are happy. regarding the flaws in life you are being cheered up therefore there a little bit of happiness there. your heart pumping again send to the mind that you are happy it is not a long term happiness. because being positive is your motivation to be be happy- just like what i said being happy could mean anything. the very moment you smile its simplified your complexity as human having diffrent kind of emotion. being positive is just a one of a million ways to sent more positive vibes such as being happy.
@Amagnimo (637)
• India
26 Mar 08
Ofcourse, I never said being positive would not cheer you up - rather I made the point that what you said is not always the case. Otherwise, as I said, "Being positive about a day would give you a wonderful feeling and cheer you up!" And there are as many ways to become happy as many as the number of ways to become sad! They go parallel, so choosing the right one from those parallel, defines the person!
• Singapore
27 Mar 08
i agree with you. Be positive is great, but should be in the right place at right time. sometimes, i need be negative, then find the problem, and solve it. not always be positive, but usually be postive, will be great.
@goldwin65 (937)
• Malaysia
29 Mar 08
People are happy when they are "in control", that is, when they feel competent to satisfy their needs and reach their goals. We can define happiness as pleasant feeling or the subjective experience of well-being. Long term happiness then corresponds to the preponderance of pleasant feelings over a prolonged period. This corresponds to the degree to which people feel satisfied with their life as a whole. Though not exactly the same, this sense of happiness is nearly synonymous with life-satisfaction, quality-of-life, or even "self-actualization. Therefore, I don't quite agree that being positive is being happy. However, I cannot deny the fact that being positive do influence our feeling of being happy unlike when we are down. Being happy comes within us. Thank you.