is there any pain relief for scoliosis?

March 27, 2008 6:27am CST
i have scoliosis for the last 28 years(i am a 39 year old female),i use to take antinflamatory tablets that use to work for the pain i got,then they stopped working & just gave me bad stomach get rid of the pain now i have to lie down between 1 to 2 hours,this is very frustrating when i have to go out or get things done,i even got put on a disability pension because of my back.does any one else have the same problem as me & do u know of any pain releivers that work?,i have tried asprin,panadine forte,tramadole and ibrofen none of these work
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@ShealM (388)
• Canada
11 Jun 08
Keep moving, the more you move the better off you are despite the pain. Have you considered hydro therapy. Joining an exercise class that uses a pool. The buoyancy from water relieves stress on the joints and allows a person to get in physical activity without it feeling painful. Try changing your anti-inflammatory or pain meds. The next step would be scoliosis surgery if nothing else works.
• China
27 Mar 08
effects of treatment principle,correct deformitites you can let one do from the neck from both sides along the paraspinal muscles and the thoracic and lumbar and sacrum with that massage,then the palm roots press dice spine spine muscle,thoracic ,lumbar,mainly,in particular the back of the up lift,when its palm root press forces were floating in the shallow invalid,we must sacral spine deep to the deep muscle:knead smaller pieces,moving slowly from top to bottom ,about 5 minutes,then for sacral spine muscles plucked string.themb overlapping hands again to perssure by the thoracic spine and lumbar down to.with spinal x-ray ,for scoliosis correction,the primary side bending under the thumb side of the spinous process for the preparation to the contralateral pushen the other hand backward up against and supported shoulder before stretching exercise,the relative strength hands at the same time to complete the common law.finally,wipe sacral spine muscle end of this treatment. notes: 1 insist supine hard banchuang 2 daily exercise and horizontal bar pull broadcasting do gymnastics 3 conditions can be treated with traction,wear plastic or steel vest to delay the abnormal development. 4 if serious deformities,the conservative medical invalid,should be considered for surgery. Would like to help you. I wish you a speedy recovery.