Roger Clemens' Family Offers Him One-Year, $10 Million Contract!

Roger Clemens with family - roger clemens
United States
March 27, 2008 8:27am CST
How ridiculous is this?Representatives from the Clemens family met with the star pitcher over an informal dinner Tuesday evening to discuss the possibility of keeping Roger Clemens home for one more season, sources close to the family reported. Baseball analysts are calling the one-year, $10 million contract a last-ditch effort on the family's part to bring the seven-time Cy Young Award winner and three-time World's Greatest Dad back to his roots."It's hard to put a dollar amount on what Roger has historically meant to this family," said Clemens' wife Debbie, who has been handling most of the negotiations. "Many of the younger members of this organization really look up to Roger—growing up, he was their hero. Now Roger has the chance to be a kind of mentor to guys like Kacy and Kody. They have really been lacking the strong veteran presence that's so crucial at this point in their careers." "We need you, Roger," Debbie added. "Please come home." You have to read the rest of this article because his family has even added "options" if he "performs well as a husband and father". I find this sad and wonder why this man can't just be the family man that he should be. Do you think Roger Clemens is really a good role model for kids?
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