Time Management For Manic Mums

@megs85 (3142)
March 28, 2008 12:46am CST
After reading Allison Mitchell's book "Time Managment for Manic Mums' which as well as a whole heap of practical advice for getting control of your life, getting more organised and learning how to manage time, is filled with amusing anecdotes and hilarious poetry that us manic mums will find more than relevant... I have been inspired to clear the clutter frrom my life, and learn to value my time. So what motivates you to keep on top of things? And what tips and tricks have you picked up that help you find that extra hour in the day, and keep the mania at bay? Probably the most useful thing I have done of late is organised my family budget, made up a weekly meal plan and matching weekly grocery list and identified what i want out of my life- my goals. What books could you recommend around housekeeping/ cleaning/ time management/ budgeting- debt management/ getting organised/ clearing clutter? What book has really inspired you?
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