if i want to feed love birds, i must buy two love birds?

@chenpan (381)
March 28, 2008 7:19am CST
We often see people feed love birds ,but each i see them ,their owmer feed two love birds ,not one love birds ,nor three or four . I wounder if i want to buy some love birds to feed ,must i buy two love birds?
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@oxtihama (91)
• Philippines
16 Mar 09
Yes indeed. When you want to have lovebirds as pet always start with a pair. They cannot live without a partner or a company of their own kind. Unlike other bird species, love birds always look for their mate or other of their own breed. Whether they are both male or female it doesn't matter because they will survive, they will not multiply though. Hence, they are called love birds simply because they can't live alone or apart from their own kind.
@gloreymay (882)
• Philippines
12 Jun 08
I think it must always be in pairs! Years ago I have lovebirds and one night I forgot to place it inside the house and when I woke up they are gone! Bad! I cried really since it was a gift and I love them.
@sedel1027 (17850)
• United States
7 Apr 08
It is best to buy two birds. They really need a mate to cuddle with and get adequate attention. I would never ever put 3 love birds in a cage together because the two stronger one will gang up onthe weaker one and kill it.