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March 28, 2008 6:59pm CST
whats the nastiest thing you have ever done in church? and why?
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• Philippines
29 Mar 08
it was during Christmas... me and my mom attend the dawn masses, and i just woke so early, did not even bother to take a bath or at least half bath. it was during the lecture of the priest that i feel hot, and i'm sweating and i feel uncomfortable, the sad thing is we don't bring and fan, so i have to fan my self with my shirt... a minute ago i smell something bad, i know it was me, so i stop.. and then the smell just getting obnoxious but can't help it i'm in a church, so i need to be firm and listen to the priest... during communion, i feel a relief, i went outside i smell my underarms, their it smells bad. the funny thing my seat mate was a nun, i knew somehow she already smell it, when i came back, and arrive at her seat, she change seat with her fellow nun... that i was very embarrassed, i never thought she will react that way, and even if she is the only one that smell my underarms, it's still embarrassing, knowing that she transfer seats because of that.... huhuuhuh, does it really smell bad? huuhuh... so embarrassing and nasty... so stupid of me...
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
29 Mar 08
i dont really remember doing anything nasty in church when i was young. i just remember just sitting there and trying not to fall, probably i would say that i probably fell asleep in a sermon once or twice.