should we disclose our past to new entrant or not?

past relationship  - discolse the past relationship
@kprabhu (439)
March 28, 2008 7:42pm CST
When we are getting into a new relationship should we disclose our past to new entrant or not? what i feel is that one cannot start a relationship on the fake things. for a solid relationship, understanding and faith is required, which comes only if you are clear. so it is not bad to tell about past.
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• Canada
29 Mar 08
If we are getting serous about someone in a relationship, I think it is very important to disclose our past to that person. My husband and I had no problems disclosing our pasts to the other person, before we got married. We thought it was important for the other person to know what happened in the other person's past that might affect the present and future.
@kprabhu (439)
• India
29 Mar 08
Yes i agree you,i hope you got my point that what i meant here..i suppose disclosing the past relationship will definitely affect our future....
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