The Mind is power but What type of capacity does have for SpeedReading?

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March 28, 2008 8:30pm CST
I've been doing a mini research of speed reading online. The results have been inconclusive. I've found testimonials and program sellers but no basic idea of how this could be true. I understand that the mind is capable of more than the typical results we display, but how much so? Has even one gone from average reading to 10X better reading? If so how was this accomplished? Are there simple techniques to utilize, or is it a complicated process? What can you tell me about speedreading ?
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@argie713 (1809)
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29 Mar 08 Speed reading is a collection of reading methods which attempt to increase rates of reading without greatly reducing comprehension or retention. Such methods include using various psychological techniques such as chunking and eliminating subvocalization. It is important to understand that no absolute distinct "normal" and "speed-reading" types of reading exist in practice, since all readers use some of the techniques used in speed reading (such as identifying words without focusing on each letter, not sounding out all words, not sub-vocalizing some phrases, or spending less time on some phrases than others, and skimming small sections). Speed reading is characterized by an analysis of trade-offs between measures of speed and comprehension, recognizing that different types of reading call for different speed and comprehension rates, and that those rates may be improved with practice. I am not that fast of a reader but I can read faster than most of my classmates at school. To be able to read fast, one has to practice a lot. It requires a lot of hard work. People who can read fast read most of the time.
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29 Mar 08
I read a LOT.. but am not a fast reader, so it is something that intruiging to me.. Thanks for the comment..