Would you let someone drill into your baby's skull? Abortionists do this an it

United States
March 28, 2008 11:04pm CST
might as well be murder because A heartbeat can be detected 18-25 days from conception. If someone has a heartbeat that means that they are ALIVE. In a belly or not. In Sweeden, a procedure is used in which a pregnant woman is put to sleep and the baby is then located and brought down to the cervix. The doctor will then drill through the skull of the living baby and suction off the brains for implantation in victims of Parkinson's and Alheimer's diseases. Simalar procedures are carried out on living babies for their pancreas and skin(for burn victims) in which the baby is actually "skinned alive." Here is the link to this also http://www.trumpetmin.org/society.htm
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