Why do people behave so weirdly at times?

March 29, 2008 2:10am CST
I usually watch a lot of reality stuff in t.v.I wonder, why few people behave so foolishly.And what's surprising is, they all are well educated,come from a mannered family and settled in their proffessions, but still doesn't know how to behave in a social gathering.Are they really ignorant of their silly behaviour, or they just do it to catch the attention?
3 responses
@gxnfly (1147)
• China
29 Mar 08
I think they just want to catch people's attention
@arjun999 (1004)
• India
29 Mar 08
I think they do it to catch other people's attention. Some shows also make participants to behave stupidly inorder to increase their ratings. They may pay more to such paticipants.
• Canada
29 Mar 08
Well, either they act this way for the attention since they are on tv, or this is their real personality. Up to the viewer to decide I guess.