What is the differance between duel cor and cor 2 due processor

March 29, 2008 10:23am CST
I use three computer one has cor 2 due processor an another has duel cor processor and an another also has cor 2 due processor. So as me know i find nothing difference between them.But when i rip movies from one formet to another cor 2 due computer work fast.it's reason can graphic card. I have graphic card in cor 2 due computer. Can you know what is the difference between duel cor and cor 2 due processor?
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@tintusam (1168)
• India
17 Oct 08
There is no difference between the two. The terms are used differently by AMD and Intel. AMD uses dual core while Intel uses core duo. Both are the same. There is difference between single core, core duo and core 2 duo processors. As the name suggests the processors are faster than the previous ones by twice speed respectively.
@Badams (89)
• Canada
17 Apr 08
If I am understanding your question correctly then the answer is: There is no difference. A dual core processor is simply that. It is 1 processor with 2 CPU cores mounted onto 1 die. A Core 2 Duo processor is the name of Intel's dual core processor.