were you ever tempted to throw away your inhibitions?

March 29, 2008 10:38am CST
To enjoy life, it takes a lot of risk and adventure. Have you tried mountain climbing, wall climbing, riding a parachute, skydiving, and a lot more adventurous stuff just for the sake of enjoying life? I wish I could be able to but sadly my resources are not yet enough. How about you?
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• Philippines
4 Apr 08
i have tried, mountain climbing (at the highest peak in the philippines, rappelling, rafting and survival swim (going somewhere very deep in a sea and start swimming to reach the shore, it was i think almost 2 miles away). and tried to save injured people from an accident, although i lost them. in short i participate in a rescue team back then... but after high school i've been busy and my budget is only enough for my allowance. but i still hope i can try it again, after i earn much money. hehehe
@Daffodil20 (1754)
• India
31 Mar 08
i have never been "tempted" to put off my inhibitions...cause when i actually think about it..i realise i do not have any inhibitions at all!..i am a free soul and i do whatever i want to. i have never tried these adventure sports before, but i will do it for sure if i get a chance. all i have been tempted to do and have not succeeded in doing is to excel in anything. i just feel like a mediocre...but then again..i won't quit. my inhibition is that i can't be perfect at anything..or even close to that...i wish that i overcome this inhibition soon!
@kun2349 (23464)
• Singapore
29 Mar 08
I've always been wanting to try all extreme sports including those u mentioned and more.. I like to push my body to its limits to see how far i can go.. LOL ^_^ But too bad, like u, limited resources :(
• United States
29 Mar 08
i want to try all those things i just havent had the chance to. yet. well unless you put rock climing as the rock at the fair with all the grippies then yeah ive been rock climbing.:)