7 years marriage contract which we should renew. What do you think of this idea?

March 29, 2008 5:21pm CST
Nowadays there are many divorced couples. It is sad to say but it's true that in many occidental countries, 50% or more marriages end with a divorce. What do you think of the idea about a temporary marriage contract we should renew? Do you agree or not and why?
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@nis2001 (11)
• Israel
29 Mar 08
Contract between 2 people is a good idea, but it depends on where do you live and what is your background or religion. Most young people do not think ahead, they see a new life, a new beginning, they are happy, they do not stop to think..if, and what about children, how do you think about your children responding to this contract that his parents have?. From my experience i KNOW FOR SURE that you first of all have to think "Is what i am doing going to affect my child?". Contract is for business men not for family. Think about it. Take car.
• Switzerland
4 Apr 08
Well, good, reasonable and logical response. I think so too. It depends on where we live, our religion, and such contract is more appropriate for business. You need to think about the children first. It is deeply human and normal, for you, for me and many reasonable people like us. I have no children and in fact I come from Balkans where in general, group or family interest goes prior to individual wellness. I think that such debate about such contract is purely "occidental", where expression's freedom leads people to loose elementary moral values. Reciprocal and sacred love promise, is confused with an individual profane business contract opportunity. If marriage can be transfigured in a simple business contract, then Children are innocent victims of their parents' selfishness. Now I wonder and would like to ask you how and why do you think so many parents become so selfish?
• United States
9 May 08
I do not agree with a marriage contract. Understandably enough there are many divorced couples now a days compared to other generations throughout our history, but having a contract is as if one or both individuals are unsure if marriage is what they are willing to commit to. One does not get married to have a contract, and then when the deciding year has arrived and the contract is going to be fulfilled, it is up to one or the other to renew. This is crazy. It's a good thing you created a topic like this though, because I'm sure you aren't the only one that thinks this way. You are right, with the many divorcees in the world, I'm sure many of them have thought about it once or twice since their marriages didn't last. But I don't think that it should be. If it is a thought that crosses ones mind, then I think that they shouldn't be getting married quite yet. They may still need some time to think about the complete and full committment that is expected when a marriage occurs. Good question though.
@rposta07 (240)
• United States
8 Apr 08
I do not agree with that at all! Marriage is meant to be a long-term commitment. A contract would only make it that much easier for people to just give up on their family. I think people already do not have the right mindset when they get married, and a 7 year contract would for sure take away the sacridity of marriage. It completely changes the meaning of marriage, which I do not like.