Hello everyone ,What do you think of China .

March 30, 2008 1:36am CST
Hello ,I am a chianese student .Can you tell me which thing are you interested in in China .the Lung ?Olympic games ?
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@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
hi chen! long time no see here at myLot. i hope you are doing great. i think China is a great country because of its rich history. and also the country has lots of great tourist spots. and i also like some Chinese food like noodles. if i can, i would love to watch the Olympic games there. but i heard lots of people are protesting about it.
• China
2 Apr 08
Hello yes longtime no see here at mylot(i learned this sentence from you lol tahnk you ) I am glad to see your response.Thank you again. I do not know why you heard lots of people protested about the olympic games . We are try our best to prepare the olympic games .I think it is great.what about you?
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@secretbear (19460)
• Philippines
7 Apr 08
i'm glad you're back and up again here chen.
• Canada
30 Mar 08
I am interested in chinese culture and traditions. Also religion. One day I hope to travel to China and see for my self what it is all about. I also really love chinese food. Its very good.
• China
31 Mar 08
Thanks for your response!
@Alle91 (188)
• Australia
12 Apr 08
There's lots of things to be interested in. Language, people, culture, history, food, art...not too sure about the music though, don't really like it haha. I can see a lot of change happening with building and stuff going on...is beijing any different because it's the start of the olympics? I heard they're putting in a lot of new rules in like no spitting or taxi drivers aren't allowed to smoke in their taxi..is it happening? One day I want to visit Hong Kong, Guilin and Tibet..and also those soilder thingys up north I don't know the proper name though..it's like bing ma ...something.
• China
3 Apr 08
I am chinese too in my opinion I just like to be a chinese like the feeling although there are so many difficut in my life