my unpopular friend

@desireeo (595)
March 30, 2008 2:28am CST
i have a friend who's not really that popular with other people. by that, i mean that not so many people like her coz she's loud, outspoken and a bit tackless at times. this doesn't mean that she's not a good person. she is. it just saddens me when i talk about her to other people and they just don't connect coz they don't like her. i would often get a raised brows or a smirk. there's not much i can do about it. no matter how i try to explain to them that their impression is wrong they won't listen. my friend doesn't care about this but i'm bothered although we share the same sentiment sometimes. i guess, what's more important is that i know the true person inside and that she's a worthy friend.
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@sid556 (30989)
• United States
30 Mar 08
I have a couple of friends like this. I can see where others are coming from mainly because at some point, I too, was there. There is no denying the loud and obnoxious way they can be. but over time I have gotten glimpses of their heart and shared some private talks in which they have revealed some of their personal lives. Some insight that makes me closer than others that don't know. If i'm friends with someone, I really don't care what others think.
• Canada
30 Mar 08
Well, if they are not willing to get to know her better, then maybe they wouldn't be very good friends anyways?