Do you believe in Destiny?

March 30, 2008 7:47am CST
Yes I do believe in destiny because we do our own destiny in life. We cannot just say we wanted to become a successful person if don't do anything. So we have to do something to be able to fulfill that dream destined to us. We do things to make things happen.
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@Hayley_N (526)
• Argentina
24 Jul 08
believe in destiny, I think that a certain path is chosen for you, and you definitely will go on this path, but this path has different roads, everyday with your decisions you choose different ways to get to your destination, it can change a little but at the end the main things in your life or the most important ones are decided before you come to this life, the important things are the decisions you make because they will dictate how you are going to be when things happen to you (good things or bad). Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that it doesn’t matter what is your destiny, you shouldn’t worry about it, if you worry too much you’ll spend the rest of your days thinking on your destiny instead of actually living fully and completely. If you don’t have a boyfriend yet don’t worry, he will come, and at the right time, the perfect moment, the right person. Your life can change drastically in one day, so don’t waste your time and enjoy life.
@paid2write (5201)
30 Mar 08
I agree that we have to make things happen in our lives. Those people we call lucky are the ones who think and feel positive about life and will take every chance that is offered in order to achieve their dreams. People who think they are destined to be unsuccessful in life are those who don't believe in their own ability to make things happen. They do not see the opportunities available to them, or they don't want to take chances, so they never fulfill their dreams.
@balasri (26547)
• India
30 Mar 08
It is said that by accepting, without realizing it,things which have happened to you and which you have done, you make Karma. This Karma makes the destiny which controls you. Well it seems true to a point with my experience in life.