what make you can active with myLot....

March 30, 2008 10:38am CST
hello everyone, i am not so new in myLot but to lazy to post in myLot, i often read something interesting but not to reply them because i am worry my reply is useless, so now i just want to ask you all, what make you more active in myLot...is your hobby sharing each other..or what?....don't you ever think that someone will say your post or reply is useless?... hope someone here give me an idea...Thanks...
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@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
10 Oct 08
Really buddy, you dissapoint me if you are not comment back at my respond in this discussion. I can see that other responder above me also never got your comment. Do you think we are just a usernames at mylot? we are really human. fals or right, we are still comunicate. That is what mylot about. Don't let use clapping with one hand, here Happy posting always, oxo'dian from Bali island.
@lexus54 (3575)
• Singapore
31 Mar 08
I would first like to pose a quick question to you. Why did you join myLot? Since this is a social network where people come here to discuss issues, share their opinions, offer some advices or just talk to others online, you must have joined with the same purpose, right? Assuming you have this purpose, if you have this thinking that whatever you share may be deemed useless by others, then you will not achieve your purpose of signing up here. Now, if everyone has this fear that what he shares may be useless, then there will not be sharing on this site. What you need is a good dose of confidence in yourself. Perhaps you may not write that well or are able to express your thoughts fluently or coherently, but then there are also others here who have this challenge. Everyone has something to share, especially if this sharing comes from personal experiences. Such experiences are unique to the individual that others may not have. These experiences when shared can be beneficial to others and help others learn something they have not encountered before. You may have a skill or know-how in something, eg. a craft. Certainly sharing your expertise in such areas can interest others, maybe even get them excited in acquiring the skill. They can exchange ideas with you, and everyone can learn something from each other. Also, you may have encountered certain situations previously, eg. handling someone who was paralyzed from a major stroke, and you can help someone who now faces the same situation and do not know what to do. There are many situations where you can positively share with others here, and such sharing can be very useful rather than useless. So take courage, my friend, and share freely. Just be polite, don't talk nonsense, insult others or use profanity, and you should be alright. Try it and you may find that you enjoy sharing. The fact that you have started this discussion, and we are exchanging our thoughts with you, show that you are open to sharing here on myLot. If you have no other ideas, just pick a topic of interest to you and share your own unique experiences on that topic. I'm sure people will be interested in reading about what you have to say.
31 Mar 08
Welcome to MyLot. Don't worry about whether your responses are *useless* everyone has the right to their opinion. I joined because I was stuck at home on my own and wanted to feel part of a community. I have many friends here now, as you spend time here you will find friends too
31 Mar 08
As I am a writer I tend to be abl eto say something in response to most posts. I am not afraid of being critisised - I am pretty thick skinned I guess! I am very motivated by money which is why I keep it up but also it is nice to earn money on a site which is friendly and fun and to try to ive people interesting replies to their posts.
@julyteen (13254)
• Davao, Philippines
31 Mar 08
i love mylot because of the different ideas being shared by anybody here. i am also ask help to them so it's my obligation also to share mine. i am addicted with mylot now unlike before when i don't know how the program works...it is clear now so i often participate to any discussions that caught my interest.
@gemini_rose (16268)
31 Mar 08
I was the same, I thought that if I responded to things then people would think it was a silly reply, but people want to hear your opinions about things and that is the whole point. Just give your opinion, as long as you are honest with your thoughts and feelings on the situation it will be fine. I am active on here, I just answer discussions that interest me or the ones that asks questions that I think I can help with.
@subha12 (18449)
• India
31 Mar 08
i like mylot very much from start. i like the discussions here. also the way Mylot is arranged, it makes it an interesting site. i like to read and answer discussions here. also its good to start few here.
• United States
30 Mar 08
Once you get to being on my lot for a few weeks. If becomes a second life for you. It is a very useful tool to get help when needed. You can earn cash for your efforts on posting and responding. I have learned to type better. To be more open to more things. I have made wonderful friendships. The earnings have helped to pay a bill or two. I have clothing from the earnings. I have even bought food with it. Over all my lot is a wonderful addition to my life. Without the wonderful friends who truly care to help me. I would have landed in jail a few times.
@paid2write (5201)
30 Mar 08
You must never think your responses will be useless. When you take part in a discussion at myLot you are helping myLot, helping the person who started the discussion and helping yourself to earn a little extra money. Your opinion counts as much as anyone here. Once you start to respond you will soon get used to it and enjoy it. Just say what you feel and why you think it. No-one will ever say your reply is no good, unless you are nasty or offensive. Please give it a try. There is no such thing as a right response or a wrong response. Discussions are for all points of view and for everyone to take part in. When I, or anyone else, starts a discussion, I want to get a lot of responses and I value each one. You could even be awarded a 'best response' in a discussion, so do join in and have fun.
• Philippines
30 Mar 08
Hi ! and welcome to Mylot. I am also relatively new here and I learn this site from my friend who told me that I can earn money by posting. To be honest. that's what motivate me to join here, besides I love to share information through forums and discussions, having learned that you can earn for something that you love to do is a great deal for me. Actually there are times that I do not update on my earnings and I just look for good topics that I can post. I find Mylot a decent community. My advice to you is to keep on posting and do not be reluctant to voice out your opinion.