His business is his...

@cream97 (29164)
United States
March 30, 2008 5:59pm CST
I am wondering why would Usher want to be with this older woman. I just hope that she isn't after his money. I wonder do they really love each other. I am not a nosy person, but I am curious as to what is really true here.
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• China
3 Aug 08
if they love each other, what is the matter? we are all outsiders, what can we do is to send out our best wishes.Life depends on your own choices...
@marina321 (4561)
2 Aug 08
We had an article in an 'Essence' that I bought here a few months ago and they'd known each other and been around each other for a long time before they hooked up, I think if she was after his money, she may have had him sooner than now Good friends can indeed end up being in a happy relationship and in love and that's their story Don't quote me in years to come though, it's his business like you said..
@rohini33 (55)
2 Apr 08
we have an old saying back home in trinidad they say an old broom does reach all the corners understand
• China
31 Mar 08
May be really love each other,but i think that him more likely is for the money.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
30 Mar 08
the last couple of days there has been quite a few discussions here about love and age difference. I really do not get it. Can you not love someone if they are not your age?