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United States
March 30, 2008 10:32pm CST
20 minutes ago i just broke up or at least i think i broke up with my girlfriend. Now i am a irish kid from boston so my emotions are usually limited to spilling of a beer. now i am going to preach cause i treat woman like my mother with respect and dignity and that is no bs it is what it is. Well the one i was dating for the last four months was the one that i thought would be it meaning at 34 and being through all aspects of the dating circle i thought maybe this was it i found what i was looking for. Well i wrote in a previous subject how she was thinking and i was lost well i guess now i am found cause she is not 100 percent sure of what she wants, what does that mean please someone let me know there is a thing in relationships called patience, this movie crap doesnt fly. I dont want it to end,but will except it. should I fight for it or should i let her follow her feelings. Who the hell am I to tell someone how they should feel. She told me she loved me I said the same, but right now I feel I should work on myself. I dont understand we had the same discussion 1 month ago and two days later our relationship was back to normal. Maybe that is it the relationship was so normal she doesnt know what to do. Like Ive seen a**shole finish first in relationships which i will not subject myself to that level, i am who I am I want her to be happy but what the hell do woman, not girls think i can only offer her my heart which comes with kindness and honesty and integrity that is all I have. Maybe that is not enough. Any and all advice would be helpfull.
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