How do you recognize warning signs that your child is targeted by...

March 31, 2008 1:20am CST
How do you recognize warning signs that your child is targeted by an internet/computer predator? My nephew is nine, the boy is very curious about the electronic products especially for computer. I like the boy and paid more time on his computer skills. I hope it'll benefit him/ his future career and so on. He learned how to use the softwares of photoshop, dereamweaver, internet explore, and little HTML language etc.. Now he often enjoys himself by surfing and not football, basketball, hide-an-seek not to mention library. He was addicted. I and his parents must restrict him from surfing on the internet/ using computer. I have no better method to deal with it. Maybe it's not a effectual way. But how should i do. Anxiously to communicate with you, mylotters.
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• Australia
31 Mar 08
You could find some internet logging software that will monitor his internet use. Also, it sounds like he's old enough to understand a simple explanation about how some people use the internet for the wrong things and how dangerous it can be. Make sure he understands the dangers and understands that he should NEVER give out his phone number and address to people he meets online, nor should he ever divulge his surname or the initials of his parents etc as that could allow stalkers to perform a simple white pages search to get details. As far as warning signs goes, the child trying to hide their internet activities from you, becoming emotionally withdrawn or aggressive, inexplicably losing interest in the computer (because someone has majorly freaked them out) etc.