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March 31, 2008 4:05am CST
Hello, I am a student and i am currently doing a traineeship. I have been studying hotelmanagement for the last 2 and a half years and now i have a traineeship for 6 months. Now my problem is, the place where i'm doing my traineeship is that they promised me a lot and told me that i would learn a lot. I am here now all ready for about 6 weeks and i don't really have the impression that i will be learning a lot more then i have seen the last 6 weeks. Now i can not go back because i had to pay a deposit for my appartement and i should be looking for an other traineehship, loose my money and so on. It is becoming unintresting and boring, i know most people would say, WHOOHOOO vacation. But it is important for the future you know... Ok that is that, my friends who are also working around the world did not learn much as well. But there is coming some changement in there traineeship. What should you do? Stay for the last 12 weeks or go home and look for an other traineeship? Sincerly
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@jrazor32 (35)
• United States
31 Mar 08
its up to depends on the size of the hotel....i manage a small 21 room hotel...and it only took me a few days to learn everything. you might need to stay with not sure if they taught ya how to handle different situations regarding guest complaints.....but ive seen alot of things in the last couple of months. there are some people who will try and get something for nothing....or they will try and get the front desk people to give them a lower rate by telling them some b.s. story. there will be days you will have to deal with customers....just be ready...its a good field to get my advice is to stick with it, no matter how boring it may seem. in the end, you could get a job at any hotel in the country and make some real good money.
• Spain
31 Mar 08
Thnx, But the problem is that i do not really get in contact with guest as i am doing a traineeship in Sales and Marketing. I have to work on the computer and it keeps beeing the same. But i have no other choice then to stay, it would be to expensive to change now. I think i ll just finish and then look for a good job to earn some good money.