Dangers of Meat Eating

@ana3173 (420)
March 31, 2008 11:11am CST
Do you know that, based on research, people who are young basically meat eaters, like the Eskimos, easily grow old and live shorter? Their average life span is only 28 years. Another group is the Kirgese, a nomadic tribe in Eastern Russia. They are also fond of eating meat. In effect, they mature easily and die easily as well. Very few among them surpass the age of 40.In an Investigation conducted by anthropologists, they discovered that the people who are not fond of eating meat possess healthier bodies and they live longer.Just like the Hunzas in Pakistan, the Otomi tribe in Mexico, and the natives of South West Africa, who live for more than 110 years. Do you know that statistics that countries that have higher meat consumption have greater incidents of heart ailments and other disease? this is contrary with non-meat-eating countries. Do you know the reason why meat eaters are prone to illnesses and why they live shorter? One of the reasons is the gradual poisoning of their tissued caused by the toxic by-products that should have been removed from the meat of the animals we are eating. The Biochemistry of an animal changes when it is frightened, especially while on the verge of being butchered, if people get sick because of great fear, the same is true with animals.
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31 Mar 08
That sounds absurdly interesting! I'm so glad I'm a vegetarian! However, surely there must be some benefits for meat eaters, otherwise why would humans have evolved to be omnivores? I don't eat meat because I simply don't like the texture but I can't see millions of years of evolution being wrong.