Do do you think so that a man can love two women at the same time?

March 31, 2008 9:46pm CST
I have a friend she is young enough,and now she has made a boy friend who is much older than her,the worst things is that her boyfriend has aready married,so the problem is that they are unhonested to another woman,a kind and kindhearted woman,But truth be told, my friend is also a good girl and kind woman,at least in my mind.And the man said she love my friend and also his wife.i just wonder how this happened at the same time?IS it the truth that a man have a ability that love two women at the same time?IS man always telling the lie in the love?
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@mariah_5 (97)
1 Apr 08
[b][/b] In my opinion, man always try to search for different ways to find their prey,in love.They can easily cheat any women,who gives a slightest hint,of her personal and emotional weaknesses.I feel they are quite intelligent and know exactly what they want.I myself, have seen many incidents of this sought which made me to come to this conclusion. And I personally feel that no one,whether man or woman can fall in love with both, at a time.It's either this way or that.In your friend's case, it's absolutely clear that he's cheating her, infact he's not in love but betraying both.Don't be shocked if tomorrow, he repeats the same, with somebody else.The sooner she realises the truth, more better for her.