2007 Bar Results came out...

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March 31, 2008 10:15pm CST
The 2007 Bar Exam results came out last Saturday, March 29, 2008. Since Friday, I had been receiving messages from my friends who took the Bar Exam last year. Some of them were asking for prayers and some of them were asking me to get the Bar result. Unfortunately, Friday had been a hectic schedule for me because I am handling a case which I need to finish by Monday. Saturday came, despite the fact that I was unable to have enough sleep, I was forced to go to the Office and discuss with my boss for our arguments in the said case. While we were at the Office, the Bar Exam results came out and there received many messages from my friends that they were not able to make it or pass the exam. Well, time and again, I will always tell my friends that this will not be the end of everything. Bar Exam is the toughest among all exams for licenship. It is an exam that it cannot be as easy as 1,2,3 or by multiple choice that in case you do not know the answer, you might just say mini mini miny mo. Taking the Bar Exam is mind and body exhausting, the fact that you will have an exam for four consecutive Sundays of the month of September and the result takes 6 months to be released. It is not that easy to pass it because many factors of passing it involves. For me, even my friends would tell me that am experienced in the legal field now, I can not still say I am prepared to take the Bar Exam or at least confident enough. Let time tell when I can take it. To the Bar passers, Congratulations! To those who did not make it, take the 2nd or third round. Try and try..
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1 Apr 08
I agree with what you said"this will not be the end of everything" Truly,bar exam is very difficult to pass.Only the lucky dog can have the good chance to get that glory.Saying congratulations to those passers,encouraging those failers.
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