Should Jack Murtha be Censored by Congress

@bobmnu (8160)
United States
April 1, 2008 12:59am CST
Congressman John Murtha publicly stated that US Marines were Cold Blooded Murders. Now that the investigations are done charges are being dismissed and not on Marine is being charged with Murder. It seems that Time Magazine took the word of two known insurgent propagandists and did not check out the facts. It seems that if it makes the Administration or the Military look bad you can report anything but if it is good news you keep quiet. Some people have called for him to be tried for Treason. If you look up Treason in the Constitution you will see that it is very restrictive and what he did is not really treason according to the definition. What he did and what Time Magazine did by reporting a "Story" was to make the job of the US Military more difficult and put the lives of the service men and women in more danger. He has to answer for his malicious statements and utter disregard for the rule of law. You can follow the link to find out more about this story.
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@jormins (1223)
• United States
1 Apr 08
I have to admit I am totally on the fence on this until I get some more information on what actually happened in Haditha. I hope you don't take offense to me saying this but Newsmax is not a very credible source to me based on their history. With a few quick searches I found a blog that has some interesting information but nothing concrete about what actually happened out there. Just because marines are being released does not mean nothing improper happened in Haditha as I believe I read the military tried these marines in house. At the same time Murtha is wrong if he accused them of murder as we have our right to a fair trial, innocent until proven guilty is an important concept we seem to stray from time to time. It could be Murtha is totally in the wrong but it also sounds like it could be a military cover up so its hard for me to jump to any conclusions about this without any more information.
• Hyderabad, India
1 Apr 08
I really hate when someone insults or degrades our military. They are suffering and taking pain because of us. Remarks like these from people who hold respectable posts are disgracing that sob should be treated for this. But nothing can be done to him freedom of speech. But yes he should apologise for giving wrong vibes about defence forces.