Your favorite hair style ?

April 1, 2008 2:39am CST
Girls have the priority to make up them by changing their hair style.A girl with long and curly hair gives impression of gentleness,holding a short hair shows your independence. What kind of hair style is more suitable and makes you look beautiful? Different girls have different ideas. I was keeping a short hair till I graduated from highshool.At that time, I dreamed of being a boy rather than a girl,for boy strong enough to protect both himself and his families. After working ,I learnt that a lot of company do have strict requirement on women-employee's hair style.Woman are always asked to have a short hair since that makes them more clean and professional. The truth is,I am now a longhair girl in a company not pay much attention to its employee's hair style.Most of my friends say I look fashionable and tender with long hair,while some insist short hair more suitable for me. Anyhow,I still not make up my mind whether cut the long hair or not. What about your opinion on your hair style?
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@ruby222 (4848)
1 Apr 08
Well im sure you look good not really the one to ask on hair..I dont mind any style daughter has just had hers cut into a graduated looks really good on her..she is 32 and has always had long for me..i dont like the when i think mines getting a wee bit long...guess wot??...i take the scissors and trim it off myself!!!!lol I think long hair can be lovley if its looked after needs to be conditionerd properly etc....i love long wavy hair....i always wanted wavy hair..mine has a slight wave..but i would like a wee bit more. I can see for working purposes its probably better to have shorter hair..less to keep clean and tidy....and short hair can look wonderful as there are pluses and minuses for both!!
• China
1 Apr 08
Surprising! You are already a mother of 32 old daughter? Nice to see you,ruby! You can never know I am 8 years younger than your daughter.Haha.anyhow,age has no sense for a friendship. I hope to have chance to see you trim your hair yourself,that is absolutely a interesting and enjoyable thing! Have a nice day.
@ruby222 (4848)
1 Apr 08
Right i will tell you the way i do it!!! first of all i prop the mirror on a has to be postioned just right!!..then i put a towel arond my shoulders...then i wield the scissors!!...i start with the front...and snip snip..i cut the fringe lol..that sets the pattern for the rest of the sytle!!! then i work from side to side...a snip at a time...trying to make sure that it is fairly equal ....then i just carry on until what i think is a sufficient length has been taken off!!! the back of the head is a different matter...thats just hit and miss...wherever i snip..i hope im snipping in the right place!!!!!
10 Apr 08
I think it is far more important for the hair style to suit your face nd hair type rather than what length your hair is. Look at how beautiful Kate Moss looked when she cut her hair short, and more recently Rihanna chopped her hair and looks stunning. Long haired girls are more likely to turn guys heads, but the condition of your hair is important. No point having long hair if it is full of split ends. I am amazed a company would suggest short hair is more professional. My hair is thick and curly and if I had it cut too short it would look terrible, but a bit of length adds weight to it and it looks better. I would say go with your hairdresser opinion!
@lkbooi (16100)
• Malaysia
2 Apr 08
Hi Crystalxdr, I like to have hair straight as in a natural way. I do not like to have my hair permed as firstly I consider it is a waste of time waiting in the saloon. Secondly straight hair is easier to be managed, like combing and washing. I also consider quite difficult to maintain the perm in its proper shape. I always kept straight short since childhood until secondary school. When I entered college I then only started to keep long straight hair till now. In this way it would be more convenient for me to tie a pony tail during a hot day or when having exercise.