Trees that look like...?

United States
April 1, 2008 4:40am CST
I was driving on the freeway and thought I saw a young man standing alongside the road, looked again and saw a tree with an oddly shaped truck... I was wondering, have anyone else seen a tree that at first glance looked like a person or something else?
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@p1kef1sh (45696)
1 Apr 08
About 30 years ago I lived in a little village which you approached down a steep tree lined hill. Very late one night I was walking home from the local town having missed the bus and not having enough money for a taxi. As I started to walk down the hill I saw what I thought was a body hanging from a tree. I was terrified, but I kept on walking. I couldn't take my eyes off the body. I didn't know what to do. Whether to run past or go right up to it. It was long before the days of mobile phones, but I thought that if I went past it, I could go the the public telephone in the village and phone the Police. Eventually I got close enough to see the distorted, tortured face of this poor unfortunate that had seen fit to end their life on this lonely road. To my great relief, the body turned out to be a branch of a tree that had blown down in the wind. There was nothing there to worry about at all.
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2 Apr 08
And I thought that the experience I had was odd... My goodness, how scary yours sounded... I am glad that it was only the tree branch. It was night time when you saw yours... It was sunset when I saw mine and thought I saw a thin but well built young man standing and looking rather healthy... That doubletake when we both saw that it was a tree was the same but my guess is that you were very relieved. I was just confused about why I had thought I had seen a person there. I am glad for you that you found that there was nothing to worry about after all.
@p1kef1sh (45696)
3 Apr 08
Thank you for he BR. I am just sorry that you didn't get a few more people to respond. It is funny how often inanimate objects can be mistaken for something living. I am always mistaking fluorescent yellow bollards for police when I am driving. Keeps my speed down though. LOL
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4 Apr 08
You would have deserved the best response even if more had answered as your experience was chilling... I could picture what you were seeing then and it was not a pretty sight... It is indeed strange how inanimate objects look like people, animals, etc. wondering if it is just because we expect to see something and then see it there... or perhaps, there really was a person who was turned into a tree.... odd stories there are in the Vedas apparently and in the many fables --- stories of people who had the powers of mantras and other mysterious powers and who supposedly transformed people who crossed them into trees...I am glad that I do not buy into such stories... but it does make a person wonder a bit with that mistaken identity occurs at a distance.