Betterware or Kleeneze?

April 1, 2008 6:05am CST
Does anyone work for these companies? I am working for Betterware & enjoying it. However, Kleeneze keep phoning me & telling me I would be better off with them. But you have to buy their catalouges, you get 50 for about £90. I've had all my catalouges from betterware for free & i've had about 200 so far. I made about £40 in my first week & I only covered a couple of streets. Please give me your views on this.
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@exraf1 (1)
2 Apr 08
Hi Natalie, if you are happy with just £40 per week - stay with Betterware, don't let anyone pursuade you otherwise. However, if you decide that you would like to earn a lot more than that (still on a part time basis) then it would be worth looking at Kleeneze. Alternatively you could become a Betterware Area Co-ordinator (they are mainly full timers) if there was a position available in your area, you would then be responsible for a team of distributors (the majority of which you would have to find). As for the earnings, if you look below I have done a comparison of Betterware v's Kleeneze earnings, based on a Forum post from a Betterware distributor who showed his figures for 1 week. Oops! I was going to paste the actual post but mylot won't allow it, so here is a breakdown (I can e-mail you the original if you want). Betterware - "£1,240 of sales from 700 books - £248 commision (roughly £12 per hour). Using the same amount of orders: Kleeneze - income would be £341 (Retail Profit + Bonus). However with Kleeneze they work in a 4 week Sales Period which allows you to increase your Bonus payments. So now using the same figures for 4 weeks: Betterware - £4,960 of orders - Income £992 Kleeneze, £4,960 of orders - Income £1,619 (Retail Profit + Bonus), less a £7.50 admin fee. The above figures are for individual orders, in Kleeneze you have the option to build your own team, basically showing others to what you do, helping them to make money & at the same time increasing the income that you make. For example if you only showed 1 other to do the same as you (£4,960 of orders), they would earn £1,619 but your income would increase to £2,000. Obvously if you helped more people then your income would keep increasing as well. From the above you can see why Kleeneze distributors don't mind paying for their catalogues rather than join Betterware to get free ones! You must be aware that with both companies you need to put a lot of effort in during the first 6 months, in order to establish your customer base. I hope that this helps.