habits in watching movies

April 1, 2008 9:15am CST
I have grown up watching movies of different kinds. It started with the "cartton type" of movies that kids enjoyed, like "Tom and Jerry". I used to believed that whenever a tape (it was on betamax tape then) will show a roaring lion, I would be watching "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. Little did I know then, that the roaring lion is the movie makers' trademark (MGM, if I'm not mistaken). Since I was young, I was fascinated about the movies I've watched. I will be thinking about it long after we are done watching the film. I would always ask my self, what if something else is done and not the way the film showed. I guess, it's the "aspiring" writer in me then. I remember us, sitting together, ready and eager to watch the film that would bring us to a whole new world (borrowed from another cartoon movie that we watched!). Back then, watching television, much more movies, was a treat since we were only allowed to watch on weeekends. Weekdays are reserved for studying our lessons. So that is one of the habits I have up to this day, I MAKE SURE EVERY SINGLE CHORE I HAVE IS DONE BEFORE I SAT DOWN ON THE COUCH AND WATCH WHATEVER IT IS I WANT. I have seen that most of the people I know, when they watch movies, at home or at the cinema houses, they bring something to eat. Popcorn is the most common food when watching movies. I found myself not being able to concentrate when I do this. I keep on wondering whether I'll make my clothes dirty because of spilled food. At home, I just bring water with me. Plus the fact that I don't like popcorn because it gets stuck to your teeth long after you're done eating them. THAT'S MY SECOND HABIT, NO FOOD JUST WATER WHEN WATCHING MOVIES. Other people have different habits when watching movies and it is good to know what those are. That's what is on my mind when I decided to start this discussion. So, will be waiting for your replies.
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