No such thing as get rich quick

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April 1, 2008 4:14pm CST
OK - here's my vent. I have been a member here for a little bit and am constantly seeing people that want "quick cash", "easy jobs" and other types of get rich quick types of jobs. What ever happened to working for a living? I really hope that this is not what we are instilling in our young ones. Now granted, I was out of work for quite some time after being laid off and yes, I needed money. I couln't afford to pay the downpayment for a daycare (registration and the weeks of childcare before I received a check) and my husband makes a good salary so government assistance was not an option. I really needed a work at home job to get some income flowing in to help with the bills (especially the groceries and incidentals). After searching and searching, spending countless hours on the internet, I found Now, I had seen their site before and really didn't want to pay for the information so I wrote the address down and continued to look. I checked out all of the free forums and found the same things over and over. Finally, with the savings account down to almost nothing (mind you I used to make $40,000 per year and almost 1/2 went into savings last year), I decided to invest in the 6 month membership. what I found was people that actually wanted to work for a living and job postings for them - and they were all work at home jobs. So - I started to work the boards, reading all of the information, applying to the jobs that I was qualified for, etc and within 3 weeks I was hired. Less than a week later, I had another offer - wow 2 jobs. With all of that said - if you are looking to work and want to do it from home, I suggest Yes there are 100's of places on the internet to search for work from home jobs - but why search when you can actually work???
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@bellelady (263)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
will they pay through paypal?
• United States
24 Apr 08 is not an employer and therefore they do not pay you. There are jobs out there that do pay via paypal or direct deposit, it all depends on the individual employer.
@compumom (738)
• United States
1 Apr 08
I'm curious, how much is the six month membership?
• United States
24 Apr 08
The six month membership is 29.95 and give you full access to all of the website. There is a free issue available, but there are so many opportunities that you would miss out on with the free membership. is the website. You can pay for the membership by credit card or paypal. is not an employer. They are, however, a great resource for finding legit, verified work at home jobs!