Owning a car

April 2, 2008 12:21am CST
Do you have a car now? I want to buy a car. Now as we are getting richer, more and more people are buying personal cars. I think owning a car is easy for people to go out and a car is much more comfortable than buses,bikes and motorbikes. I can buy a car if I have the ability. However, my parents are all against about buying a car when I told them yesterday. They said that,"A car will do harm to the environment and if more and more people have cars, the street will be very busy all the time, it's difficult for people to go across the road, and the more cars, the more accidents. So do you really need a car? Please consider if you really need a car before you buy a car,OK?" I am mute when I heard of this. My parents are getting older and order now though they are predecessors and their words are right in some way. I agree with this. Could the environment getting better if I don't buy the car? I have no idea. Do you have a car? What did you think before you buy the car? Which car do you have? What about your car? Do you like it? Thank you for your respond ahead. I need your help, my dear friends.
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• United States
2 Apr 08
I've always lived in places in Texas where everything is spread apart, and there isn't any public transportation. Having a car is absolutely necessary. HOWEVER, I do think the environment would be better off if people who have access to public transportation would use it. I drive a Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid and gets about 50 miles per gallon, and has almost no emissions. I feel like it's the best way to go if you're going to drive a car. Also, before you get a car, think about all the additional costs on top of the price of the car. Maintenance, tires, oil changes, insurance, parking, tolls, possible traffic tickets, storage, gas, etc. Also, decide if it would actually be faster to take public transportation over having your own car. When traffic is so bad, you are sometimes better off with public transportation. Good luck in your decision!
@subha12 (18452)
• India
2 Apr 08
i do not own a car now. dad has one and brother has one. i still not plan to buy one as i think i still can't aafoord it. i will probably buy a good one when i can really afford that.
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