April Fools Day came and went...

@ahgong (10064)
April 2, 2008 3:30am CST
Previous April fools' day there is always some sort of prank being played publicly. If not, then there will always be some prank being played in the office. Usually the public prank is played by the radio Deejays announcing some dubious reports on something happening to see who will respond to it. And the darn news reports are really quite well done such that, if you did not pay attention to it much, you might think that it is a real event happening. As for the office, there will always be some joker playing a prank on the other colleges. I remember one time, the office joker went around spreading some rumors about a huge pay rise for that financial year. As April is the closing of a financial year, we all thought it was really good news to be able to get a much well deserved pay adjustment. Only to find out that it was a joke. This year is particularly quite. So busy with work that no one was free to play any pranks on anyone. Heh heh heh... How did your April Fools' Day go? Was it as quiet as mine?
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