If someone very close to you misunderstands you and hurts you,what will you do?

April 2, 2008 4:26am CST
I hate to give any explanations, to prove my innocence instead, I wait for them to realise their mistakes and come back to me until then i myself, do not like to communicate with the person.I do not try hard to bind my relationships,or hold them tight.Infact I leave them free, but always make sure that these relationships are built on truth,honesty and sincerity. I strongly believe that a person who knows me in and out, has the minimum responsibility to at least approach me to clarify it before he/she jumps to any conclusions.Infact I would do the same.no matter what the world says, I would not believe unless and until I hear it from the person involved. Ofcourse I'll forgive them,if they are truly guilty for their actions but also make sure that these are not repeated,and definitely would evaluate myself too.
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@subha12 (18452)
• India
2 Apr 08
i am also someone who thinks i do not have to prove myself again and again. you can forcefully make anyone understand. If he misunderstands me, let the clear things come to him. if it never comes also, i will think it was my bad luck to be misunderstood.