cheating as a tour guide.

@gxnfly (1147)
April 2, 2008 4:59am CST
Yes,I cheated people when I was a part-time tour guide and I don't feel good at it. That was about two years ago.I just dropped out my college,wanted to find a good job desperately.Then I notice there were so many foreign tourist in the city.So I figured maybe I could be a tour guide since I love English so much.But it was too difficult for me to work at a tour agency .So I went to some tour sights and present the tourist myself,they could use some help,since I can speak both Chinese and English. Yes,I met some good nice foreigners and some even gave tips.But some just didn't. To my surprise,the venders also gave me money if the guest bought something in their shop.But I never tell any tourist about it.I felt a little uncomfortable about this ,cause some foreigners were really very kind and they paid me some decent tips.But I figured there were also some unkind foreigners that just wanted to enjoy my service for free.They didn't even pay me a penny,so I thought maybe I should take the money that the venders gave me.If the tourist don't pay me,at least I can get some money from the vendors to make ends meet.So I kind of took that for granted. I tried to convince myself that I deserve it since I offer my service. Till one day,I met this guy ,he was about my age,didn't talk much.I thought he was a cheap and mean guy,because he spend the whole afternoon in the antique market,and let me introduce the products,but just didn't buy any.He finally bought something when he was about to leave.Of course the vendor put some money in my pocket while he wasn't noticing.But when he was about to say goodbye to me,he gave me 100RMB for thank you.I was really excited,cause that was the most generous tip I had ever had.When I came back,I felt guilt about it.He trusted me ,but I cheated on his back. Yes ,same situations happened several times form that day on.They were torturing me.I felt really bad about it.Some tourists were really kind and nice,they trusted me.But,look what I did to them!Took money from the vendors,cheated them behind their back! I could stand it anymore,my conscience was torturing me,then I quit.I don't do any part-time tour guide job anymore. Sometime,when my friends told me that I should do it again.NO ,I can't .It still hurts ,I just can't cheat anymore,especially when somebody is kind to me.
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@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
2 Apr 08
Actually u are not really cheating.. U are just doing your duty as china citizen by showing foreigners around your country ^_^ Just that u are not attached to a tour agency.. But u are treating them as frenz, showing them around, shopping ^_^ Plus, u bring tourist to shop, they earn the extra money and they share it with u, because without u, they wun earn that money too ^_^ So just take it as reward for your kindness ^_^