April 2, 2008 5:45am CST
Who here loves Fahrenheit?!?! XD For those who don't know who Fahrenheit is, they're a Taiwanese boyband. They rock!
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• Philippines
7 Apr 08
i love fahrenheit!!! i love listening to their songs! my favorite members are jiro and calvin! they sure know how to entertain fans! fei lun hai rocksss!!!!
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
I know! I love their songs too. I may not understand what they're singing but their tunes are catchy. ^_^ My favorite? All of them!!! XD
• Philippines
20 Jun 10
I love Fahrenheit. My fave member is Arron Yan. I love his voice and I even went to Macau to see them perform live and I also went to Hong Kong for an autograph session. Arron is very nice to his fans and this is the reason why I am planning to go to Taiwan when they release their fourth album. My fave Fahrenheit song is Hen An Jing (Very Quiet). I love the blending of their voices and Wu Chun's voice has improved significantly.
@kath624 (47)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
I love fahrenheit and I've been a fan ever since they started. I love their songs and I actually got to know them through Tokyo Juliet, the drama starring ariel lin and wu chun. their seniors S.H.E are also good especially when they sing live. I love fahrenheit songs since they are really catchy and also the fact that the 4 members are gorgeous.
• Philippines
25 May 08
I was just recently introduced to Fahrenheit.. i don't love them.. but I really like them!! they're cute!!! cute boys catch my eyes..hehe,, now that i'm into those chinky-eyed guys, you can say that i fancy them.hehe I like their songs so much!! I love the melody!! it's just amazing!
• Philippines
3 May 08
yah i'm certified fahrenheit lover i like tham their cute all of them Jiro wang, calvin chen, wu chun and especially aaron. I like their songs too like wo you wo de young, sha sha de yong Qi, Xin wo and many more. I like when they featured with SHE... I really like them!