What do you think is going to happen with the Koreans?

United States
October 31, 2006 12:57pm CST
Think the nuclear weapons should be worried about or not?
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• China
9 Feb 07
Don't worry.China will prevent the nuclear weapons in P.R.Korea.China is a responsibe country.We all love peace.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
18 Jan 07
The Koreans are very smart and technologically advanced. I would think they would be smart enough to end this weapons testing. Everyone worldwide with any brains should be aware that the Earth's Electric magnetic field is the lowest now than it every has been. If we start shooting nukes off right now with its giant Magnetic Pulses. The Poles are going to Wobble and Shift. Look at what has been going on after these tests? ... Look at the strange weather it is not just Global Warning, the Poles naturally shift and reverse themselves over time, and during the times the Magnetics are the lowest, and the poles are shifting it is not wise for ANY Magnetic pulses of any time to be released, as this alters the Natural Magnetics to earth So by setting off a nuke you are not only destroying the area that is targetted, but you are increasing Radiation poisoning world wide for every living thing! ... And You are cause a magnetic Ripple in a electric magnetic field of the earth that is already shifting and Wobbling as we speak!... From Natural Causes, We do not need to speed up the process with our weapons or reasons for war! .... So YES, Nuclear weapons are to worry about, and anyone who wants to have a better future for their children worldwide, Needs to dismantle those weapons, or there will be no future for anyone! - DNatureofDTrain