slashmysearch update for those who may be interested

@lorelai (1558)
April 2, 2008 7:55am CST
I wrote a posta bout 10 days ago about new payment period at make it short they have a new payment period so I asked for the payment. I have $255 on my account. When I asked for the payment the site confirmed my order and it read I'd get paid in 1 to 3 days time on my paypal account. That was on 24.03.2008 and today is 2.04.2008 so that means that much more than 3 days have past. I didn't get any money on my account yet so I wrote them an e-mail today. I am not hoping any more because there are many blogs and sites where it's written that slashmysearch is a scam but I refused to believe it specially because I talked to people who got paid from them about 1 year ago...I will let you know if I get an e-mail from tham although I highly doubt they'll write back...or if I get the money. If someone got paid in this payment period please let me know Thamks
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