Ever Had To Bribe Your Own Children?

United States
April 2, 2008 12:39pm CST
I have not yet but my oldest is 3 and as each week passes I feel the need to take these measures getting much closer. I having the mommy guilt because I want to be the perfect parent who 'doesnt have to do that' but I don't feel embarassed saying that if it finally comes to having to throw a bribe out there once in a while, then I'll do it. but we as parents know things do not always go the cookie cutter way, what are your stories? Did a bribe ever come back to get you? Did a bribe turn out more hilarious than you expected? Did you get caught throwing a bribe out there IN FRONT OF YOUR PARENTS??
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@TinaP40 (329)
• Spain
2 Apr 08
Im always bribing my kids isnt that part of being a parent?
• United States
3 Apr 08
any funny stories you could share? You oughta checkout InTheMotherhood.com, the stories there are hilarious, especially the ones that Jenny McCarthy, Leah Remini, and Chelsea Handler made into skits.
@shymurl (2767)
• United States
2 Apr 08
My oldest is 10 and my second is 8. I have to bribe them sometimes just to get them to do their homework and some of their chores. For example. If they want to play the game they have to do their homework and/or chores. My youngest is 2 and I don't have to do that yet. I think its just a learning experience in my opinion. To me they are learning that responsibility comes first. Because as we grow, we find out that we can't go play unless we have money and in order to have money we have a job. You know work than play. And I tell them this. They seem to understand.
@alcazar (761)
• India
2 Apr 08
i think we take of such practices at our home...and they do come back to us and at that time we will feel ashamed in front of our kids... nope i didnt try anything as such...