Problem with Interent Explorer Tab Browsing?

April 2, 2008 1:45pm CST
Just upgrade IE to version 7 and try the tab browsing feature. Just to see how it compare to Firefox. Whenever I open a new tab on IE, it says "connecting" and then the entire IE browser doesn't response. Any of you have the same problem? How do you solve it?
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• United States
3 Apr 08
I recommend that you get FireFox. IE is a very bloated piece of software that is not at all secure. It is also probably floating in malware and junk. Firefox is a very tight, customizable little browser that will show you what you want. Adware can be filtered out pretty easily.
@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
2 Apr 08
Well I haven't had this problem with it and love using the tab feature. You might want to go under the tools section to internet options and check your settings for the tabs. It's on the first section of the internet options. It could be one of the settings you have for it is messing it up. Also it might depend on what you have for your home page. I have mine set up to open a blank page and if yours is set for a specific site it could be that site is the problem.