do you have good relationships with anyone? how do you balance those relations?

@Dasari100 (3803)
Anantapur, India
April 2, 2008 9:36pm CST
do you have good relations with any people mostly we can have relations wife,children,relatives,friends so other than these do you have good relations with any people because this is very interesting question for everyone here.
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• Philippines
3 Apr 08
I'm really good friends with everybody here in my community. I'm generally friendly and doesn't encounter so much discrepancies with people here. I'm in good terms with my close friends, the ones I was being with since the beginning of High School until its end. Now that we are going to college, seems like a separation on our part but it really isn't, we are trying to keep our communications tied and our bond closer. I am also in good terms with my classmates, schoolmates, church friends and other types of friends. :) Well, it's really great to be in good terms with all the people on your community. Even if there are some misunderstandings that occur sometimes, generally, your relationship with them is great and good. Actually, misunderstandings even help our relationships to become stronger. I must say that I spend time with all of them. It doesn't matter how much time I spend with each, as long as I keep in contact with them and keep our relationship grow.
@summta (65)
• China
3 Apr 08
Yeah!It is the interesting problem,we must balance those good relationships.But sometimes we can not balance them well.For example,one of my friends like to call me about every month and then chat with me about an hour,but my hubby often feel unhappy after i finished the call with my friends,he told me that time we spend on talking is too much,he thought he was ignored by me at the time.So i must pay close attention to the time of the call from the friend,and i often controlled the time in half an hour,and suggested my friend that he can call me every half a month.It is fortunately for me that my friend did not feel unhappy with my suggestions.