Is there anyone who can play Tarot?

April 3, 2008 5:46am CST
The Tarot is a deck of cards that originated over 500 years ago in northern Italy. It was adopted as a tool for divination. I want to get my astrology report by Tarot. I find some websites about Tarot, but i don't know how to play.
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• Philippines
4 Apr 08
hi violet...^_^ try visit taror is interesting to me also but i much prefer the ICHING try also the Biorythm on that site. just enter your b-day and your partners and see if how many percent are you compatible physically, emotionally, intellectually...hehe try also my bday 12-4-1980 ^_^ smile always!
• China
11 Apr 08
Haha, I did the Biorythm. the report of compatiblility of violet with metal_monkee as follow: physical 6%, emotional 43%, intellectual 93, overal 47% that is funny.
• Philippines
11 Apr 08
hehe did you try with your boyfriend? whats the score? is it high? ^_^