Women do your sixth sense kick in and put you on your Ps & Qs about a harmful

@tjades (3592)
April 3, 2008 2:59pm CST
or should I say potentially harmful man? You know how sometimes you see a man and become a bit wary about how he looks and moves. That kind of feeling which makes mothers hold on tightly to their daughters hand. You keep watching him until you are sure that it is safe to stop doing so. Does your natural self preservation or motherly instinct just kick in when and if you see such a person? I have been out with girlfriends before and we became suspicious of how we were being watched. On occassions we've stared down the person letting them know we were observing him as well. Sometimes what do you know, we later come across the same man eyeing other females in that same ugly, eery manner. It just makes the skin crawl. Have you ever experienced this?
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@gemini_rose (16192)
3 Apr 08
Yes, I do get very wary sometimes. I think that you can pick vibes up from people and that is what makes you feel wary, because you do not know why but you know that for some reason you just do not like that person. There is just something about them that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. Where I live there are a couple of people that make me react like this and one of them always speaks to me, and if I am in the same shop as him he will always hang back until I leave and then hold the door open for me and I feel like shouting at him to tell him not to do it, I can open the door myself thank you very much!! He is pretty much the type who you see looking at people, its creepy.