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April 3, 2008 4:20pm CST
I want to know what everyones' positions are with the illegal immigration problems in America. I have no job and can hardly afford to py my rent because of this problem. Not only are they stealing from me but they are stealing from my government. And they are breaking laws every day and not being reprimanded yet if I broke a law then I would be caught within a few hours at the most. This seems really wrong and I want to know where everyone stands and any advice someone may have as to what I can do to solve this problem I have.
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4 Jun 09
The problem is... Illegals will work for peanuts. This is why they get jobs faster than a legit American. I think that all illegals should be thrown out of the USA. They spread their swine flu and diseases on us. They refuse to speak our language and expect us to pay for everything. If I got denied college because I'm too white, then they can be denied for being illegal. Why should our tax money go towards them? We worked to pay taxes. We don't get to see that money ever again. They don't do anything and get our tax money. It makes no sense at all!
@TriciaW (2441)
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3 Apr 08
You probably are not going to like my answer to this but I am going to say it. I was an employer that had to have housekeepers work for me. I hardly ever had employees apply for the job that weren't hispanic. Now they did have papers to show me but there were times we found out they were not legal and had to let them go. I did not discriminate but to be honest they were the hardest workers and most dependable. They came in did their job and went home. I know that many work in meat packing plants and honestly you would never catch me working in one because I couldn't do the work. Most of the work they do is hard manual labor that many of us don't want to do. I do not see where they are taking jobs when like I said not too many people would want to clean rooms for a living and believe me there are always openings for those positions. I can also tell you that it is very hard for them to get the right paper work. At one time I was trying to help someone get his wife here .. he was legal. The office I called for him was so rude to me that I caught myself saying hey I am a legal citizen just to get the person to be nicer to me. I felt bad that I said that later. I think that if we want people not to come here illegally then we need to get some of our businesses that hire workers down in their country to pay fair wages as well. Maybe if they could make a good living there they wouldn't have to come here illegally. As for working I don't know where you are from but if you need a job really bad head over to the closest hotel and apply for housekeeping I am sure they have openings. It might not be your ideal job but it is something until you find what you want. Good luck to you!