Is the Egyptian Seth the same as the Gnostic Seth?

@missak (3311)
April 3, 2008 10:59pm CST
Seth was the God of the desert in Ancient Egypt, also god of revelations and creation-destruction, of psicologies and fears. Seth is the 3rd son of Adam in Gnostic texts. It is identified with psicological revelations to the human being, whic according finaly came to us in the form of Christ. It is also related to creation-destruction, somehow. Most of Gnostic texts are found in Egypt, written in copt (ancient egiptian writings). Should I assume that all this is related? Why I don't find any scholar, theory or hypothesis that claims this? Can someone help me, maybe with a link?
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9 Apr 08
There is a duality in the hebrew bible and anciant egyptian theology. Seth is the egyptian set, at first he was a good god and later became evil. See how he killed his nephew and devided his body in four parts, the same as Seth killed nimrod. The egyptian, and earlier mesopotamian and sumarian gods are the patriarchs of biblical linage. There stories are one i the same. The religions of this planet sre more related than it appears on the serface, all came from a common place 10,000 years ago, Sumer,From somer it went east and to the west, from the indus vally to the vally of the gods Egypt.
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@lancingboy (1386)
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4 Apr 08
I honestly have no idea what the answer is to your question, but I am interested (kind of) too. I really love Egyptian deities! I also have the Nag Hammadi scriptures. I wonder if Seth was a common name back then in Egypt? I know it is now lol.