How was your yerstaday

April 4, 2008 4:18am CST
My was was very stressful, starting from the time i woke up. I woke as late as 8 am and before i could finish and go to open the office is almost 10 am, that is not all, by the time activities start going on i became too week. Then i went home during break for some refreshment, believe me i couldn't go back to the office any longer till this morning.How was yours, is it stressful or energetic.
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• United States
18 Apr 08
@littleone3 (2063)
4 Apr 08
My day started off bad as my daughter and baby were throwing up. Thankfully by midday they felt alot better. But it turned into a good day as it was my son 15th birthday. We went out to pizza hut and then went and had a few games of pool and he thought it was great when my partner potted the black early and it meant he won.
@diansinta (7544)
• Indonesia
4 Apr 08
My bos and his son is fighting. It's scared all the employee and complex situation. Each one of them makes different rules and we are very confuse to follow one.
@gemini_rose (16264)
4 Apr 08
Yesterday was a pretty good day for me yesterday, I took my children shopping and we bought them some school trousers ready for when they go back to school next week. Then they went in the toy shop and spent the money they had earned by doing jobs around the house. We bought something nice for dinner and then just had a relaxing afternoon, so all in all it was a pretty good day!
@kezabelle (2974)
4 Apr 08
It wasnt much fun, my youngest daughter was really ill and had to take her to the dr's she has an ear infection. So mostly she spent all day clung to my neck sobbing as her ear drum is close to bursting really sad I hate seeing them ill. Today though she is much better so im thinking it has burst as the pain tends to go then today will be stressful as she has antibiotics to take 3 times a day and other pain releiving ones and she doesnt like them