People who cant cry?

@TinaP40 (329)
April 4, 2008 4:31am CST
Do you find it easy to show your emotions? or do you bottle it all up? if a close person died would you cry or would you remain compossed?
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@meiji15 (664)
• Philippines
4 Apr 08
for me, it's hard. i grew up believing that crying is a sign of weakness. a friend of mine who is chinese also believes the same. being the eldest demands that one be strong but that does not equate that you keep all your emotions bottled up---this i just learned. though i still have this mechanism that mysteriously holds my tears from falling. with regard the emotions, we really don't show much emotions in our family. with all these said, i think it is the nurturing and the rearing of the child that makes him/her able to express her emotion---be it in public or otherwise
@ZumiHaru (38)
• Philippines
4 Apr 08
It's easy to show your emotions when you want to. People usually don't because they don't wanna have weird impressions from other people. Besides... if you bottle it all up... it's worse when it explodes... And for the last question... Why not cry for loosing someone... It's normal to cry anyway... coz ur human XD
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