Attention,I want to organize a brainpower with 10 members,who will join us?

@jiangsl (377)
April 4, 2008 10:23am CST
Please read my rules seriously before you want to join us.Each member in our group should response each other everyday except you aren't online or other member hasn't started a discussion recently.I also hope all brainpower members can exchange experience in mylot each other.Whatever problem we meet,we can solve it by the brainpower.I hope you are an honest,smart and confident guy.I also hope your responses are above 50.Certainly,if you have a better idea,please let me know.It will take us some time to confirm a brainpower.Good luck guys.
1 response
• United States
4 Apr 08
I see you don't have any responses, and frankly I think you might not get much interest for this idea. The reason is, it might be perceived as "gaming" the MyLot system. People who are found to be exchanging responses are at risk for having their pay lowered, and here we don't make much as it is. I would be worried about joining such a venture, as I'm sure many are. I wish you luck with it, but this warning would be something to keep in mind.
@jiangsl (377)
• China
6 Apr 08
Thanks for your response,my first idea is not like what you said.I really want to exchange view not only exchange reponse.I just want to encourage others to write some better response.I have no other ideas.