Try these two sites to make money it is a good way to make money

April 4, 2008 10:59am CST
Every one of us wants to make money online ok here you are a good way to make some dollars online per day " a friend told me about this way and he shows me that he got 2-3 dollars/day on his paypal account and I'm trying it now so lets help each other to make money" the way is simple : go to these two sites : 1- 2- and choose to create free account .. now we got to the best part go to make a refer and copy the referral link and share it in many sites and blogs so every one follow the link and make accounts like you . and this is very important because these 2 sites the 1st one give you "1 cent" for every site you visit in it and spend 30 sec there.. and give you "1 cent" for every one you referred when he does the same :D the 2nd one give you 1.25 dollars for every one you refer for the site .. so as u see i put here the referral links of mine in these two sites and i will do the same in other blogs to collect as much as i can .. so every one try and tell me if this way made some money for you and i will tell you if these way made a result with me :D and thanx every one
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• United States
4 Apr 08
I was a member of AW Surveys. The first time, I lacked about $2 to reach payout and their site went down. When it came back up, they had no record of me being a member. So I tried again. Made it to about $10 from payout and went to log in and my account was gone again. Once again, they had no record of me being a member. The first time I could understand it. But when it happened the second time, I realized they were a scam and I will never join them again. I hope you have better luck with them than I did.
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• Egypt
4 Apr 08
hehehehe i hope so too... but i think that in this site every one will have bad luck :S