What is the True Meaning of Life?

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@ana3173 (420)
April 4, 2008 12:11pm CST
Life is the cause of existence of everything there is; and the purpose by which it was made to exist. The life we have here on earth is not permanent but its temporary whether we like it our physical being will cease to exist when the spirit that sustains physical life leaves the body. we cannot understand the rue meaning of life without understanding its purpose. A lived not with its purpose was lived in vain and wasted. A life spent for the purpose by which it was meant for is a meaningful life. A life must be lived and be given willing by somebody who understand its purpose. The Lord God gave us life to use its for a meaningful purpose, to serve him with all our entire life. But the end of earthly life and existence is the beginning of the next phase of life, which is eternal, after the resurrection. the true meaning of life is existence and awareness without end, without death, misery and troubles. Life is existence without end or death being lived with its eternal purpose just like the life of God, the source of temporary life on earth.
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