Mothers Day : 2nd Sunday of May

@jidesh (283)
April 4, 2008 3:21pm CST
To me personally, every single day should be a mother's day. There is no comparison to a mother's love and all she does and sacrifices for her childrens. A mother is infact the most blessed gift anyone can ever have ! If we can atleast take one day out of our selfish lives and sit back and think.. we would realize we wouldn't be what we are without the love and affection of a mother.. and I am sure a lot would agree.. specially those who no longer have the chance to sit besides their mother or to tell her once in a while that she makes you proud and even the thought of her can bring a smile on your face, no matter what you are into. The comfort, love and affection that is felt with a mother is something which is felt more than explained.. If you no longer have your mother with you anymore, sit back and think about her for sometime and send her some wishes and blessings.. visit any of her relatives.. that would make you feel closer to her in a way.. and if you are lucky enough to have your mother with you, spend some time from your schedule and just spend atleast a day with her to appreciate all she has done for you her entire life.. and just let her feel that you love and care for her and respect her.. thats all she would need to feel happy and confident in all she did for you for years and years without even saying a word !
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@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
Why is it just mothers. What about fathers. My father was more there for me when I was younger. It has panned out now but still my father means the world to me. Why should there be these dumb holidays like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day, Valentines Day, Remembrance Day. Why should all these holidays only have one day set aside for them. I am sure if we appreciate the person that we love, our mother, our father, our grandparents, the veterans who have fought for the world we have (even though its not a very nice world as it is lacking in alot of areas but that's a whole other discussion in itself) why can't we just do random things all year around. Is that being selfish to want to make the mothers, fathers loved ones etc feel that they mean something to us. I think not. These holidays are all just another day to me. They really don't mean too much to say the least but still do a little something extra on these days.
@Breath (1297)
• United States
4 Apr 08
A mothers love is deeper then the ocean.Reaches higher then the mountains.Sweeter to the heart then pure sugar.I no longer have my mother but when she was alive I saw her everyday and hugged her.Always love was given and even though she is gone I go to her grave and just sit with her for a while.Everyday her love still beats in my heart and wants me to be a better person.Now I am a mother and it is so beautiful to have children to love.To watch and guide.I believe a mother is a gift from heaven.We should all hold our mothers close because without them where or who would we be?